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die gute bee (beyoncè)

you need to stop playing round with all them clowns and the wangstas good
girls gotta get down with all them gangstas
go head girl,put some back and some
neck up on it while i stand up in the backround and check up on it
ohh,you looking like you like what you see
won't you come over, check up on it?
i'ma let you work up on it
ladies,let 'em check up on it,watch it
while he check up on it,dip it pop it
twirk it-stop it! check on me tonight
if you got it flaunt it,boy i know you want it
while i turn around you,watch me
check up o it
ohhh,yo watchin' me ,shake it
i see it in ya face, ya can't take it
it's blazin,you watch me in amazement
you can look at it as long as you don't grab it
if you don't go braggin
i might let you have it
you think that i'm teasin'
but i ain't got no reason,i'm sure
that i can please you
i can tell you wanna taste it
but i'm gone make you chase it
you got to be patient
i like my man patient
more patience,you take might get you in more places
you can't be abrasive
have toknow to pace it
if i let you get up on it,you gotta make a promise
that you gone put it on me
like no ones put it on me,don't bore me
just show me, all men talk
but don't please i can be a tease
but i really wanna please you
...i'm checking on you boo, do what chu do
and while dance, i'ma glance
at this beautiful view
i'm keep my hads in ma pants
i need to glue 'em gluei'm in trance, all eyes on you, n' your cew
me and my mans don't dance
but to feel ya'll bump and grind
it won't hurt
if you gone try one time
they all hot,but let me see this ones mine
its slim thug and DC outta H town
((...aso "männa geht ran" ))
24.3.06 16:46

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nicölsche... (4.4.06 18:03)
was is des fürn lied?? *titel büdde*

lisö (8.4.06 10:23)
"check on it" *hoff doch*

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